The Morphy Richards Intellisteam 48781 Food Steamer is a multipurpose steamer designed for every day family use. As the name makes plain, it has a special intelligent timer built in that makes certain food is steamed properly, and there are a host of special features built in that make cooking straightforward.

Intellisteam 48781 Features

The most significant feature of the Intellisteam is the horizontal layout, as it allows you to cook in different times for each compartment. There’s also a convenient and easy to read digital display so you don’t have to resort to guesswork. But more than that, the display has guides and presets for different cooking times so you just need to follow those and you’re good to go. Gone are the days when you had to keep checking the steamer to make sure that the food is steamed, as the Intellisteam will do it for you.

The Intellisteam has a very generous 8.2 liter capacity, and it’s big enough to cook for four people. Cleaning won’t be a problem either as the steamer is dishwasher safe, so no more worries about the unit getting damaged when you clean it. The highlight though is definitely the three unique cooking compartments which you can program with preset guides.

With this feature, the Intellisteam steamer is more than capable of preparing different kinds of foods at the same time. In the past you had to wait for one food item to be steamed before moving on to another, but with the Intellisteam that’s no longer the case. When you use all the compartments, the compartment where you stored ingredients that take longest to cook are cooked first, until everything is prepared.

This Morphy Richards Intellisteam 48781 review can also point out that a number of useful accessories are included in the package such as a detachable dividing wall, sauce tray, food plinth and a rice tray, all of which cost a tidy sum if purchased separately. With these accessories, it becomes easier to prepare meals for the entire family.

Even if you’re preparing a lot of food, the digital display makes it easy to keep track of the information, and there’s even an auto keep warm function built in. If you’re done cooking, the auto warm function will keep food fresh for up to 40 minutes so when you serve it is still hot.

The impressive list of features don’t end there however, as there’s a visible water gauge that allows you to keep track of the water while you’re steaming. If you need to top up, no worries since the water top up is external and won’t get in the way of cooking. And if you’re concerned about safety, there’s a boil-dry safety cutout. Finally, Morphy Richards products are known for their compact design and easy storage, and the Intellisteam is no exception. Every accessory can be stored in the bowl, and the cord and plug can be stored under it.

Intellisteam 48781 Pros

  • Allows you to cook food in several compartments
  • Information is easy to read on the digital display
  • Compatible with dishwashers
  • Comes with plenty of useful utilities
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Durable

Intellisteam 48781 Cons

  • Some parts are made of plastic
  • The instructions could have been more comprehensive

Customer Reviews

The reviews for the Intellisteam have come in, and most of them have been very positive. Dana of Wisconsin wrote in her review that the Intellisteam makes steaming and food preparation very easy, and the programmed guides has taken out the guesswork. Another reviewer, Annabelle, said that cooking fish, rice and vegetables has never been easier.

The majority of reviewers are also happy with the Intellisteam versatility, and as Rob of Minnesota stated, it allows you to change the settings so food is prepared according to your preferences. It’s this feature, this level of customization, that has made the Intellisteam very popular with a lot of customers.


The Intellisteam has very few rivals in its class when it comes to versatility and reliability. By adjusting a few settings here and there you can have food just the way you want it. What’s even better is the steamer remembers the last setting you use so there’s no need to make adjustments over and over.

This recall ability extends to all the food groups, so if you chose a particular setting for a food group, Intellisteam will remember it when you make the selection, so this is a very convenient feature when you’re preparing different food groups. Taking everything into consideration, the Intellisteam is a well rounded and practical steamer that can serve your needs.