The purpose of this Dualit 46202 4 Slot Lite Toaster review is to explain what the features of the product are. It has received a lot of positive feedback true, but it’s still essential that you learn what the toaster can and cannot do before making a decision.

Dualit 46202 4 Slot Lite Toaster Features

The Dualit 4 46202 Slice Toaster has many interesting features, and one of the most interesting is the Peek and Pop as it lets you check the bread as it’s being toasted. This isn’t just fun, but it’s also a convenient way to determine if your bread is browning right. In addition, the toaster has a cancel button so if you change your mind you can just press this button and the toaster will do the rest.

There’s also a defrost button so you don’t have to put up with cold or frozen bread anymore, and the bagel function works without a problem. This Dualit 4 slot lite toaster review can also point out that it has a versatile high lift mechanism that makes toasting straightforward. There’s also an automatic pop up on this Dualit toaster and the high lift mechanism is handy for taking out the crumb tray.

The toaster also has very generous slots, something you don’t often see in these products. It’s a frequent complaint by consumers, but that won’t be an issue here because the Dualit can handle even very thick bread. Style wise it doesn’t disappointment either with a nice glossy feeling that matches up well with your kitchen countertop.

Dualit 46202 Pros

  • The crumb tray is easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • It can toast different bread with varying thickness
  • Durable

Dualit 46202 Cons

  • Many parts are made of plastic
  • The cage design could have been better

Customer Reviews

Most of the reviews are positive, and many are happy with the fact that the Dualit 4 slice lite toaster can take different kinds of bread and the controls are easy to learn. Another reviewer noted that the results are very consistent. This sentiment is echoed in other online reviews, and customers who purchased the product have noted how sturdy it is.

On other hand, there are a few reviewers complaining about the quality of the toast, and that it needs to be at the highest setting to achieve the browning they want. But overall, the positive feedback outnumbers the negative ones by a good margin.


The Dualit 4 Slice Lite Toaster Cream is one of the best toasters available. It can handle different types of bread, is easy to use and cleanup is not a problem either. The unit is solidly built yet remains stylish and won’t look out of place on your countertop. Perhaps it is a little big but that’s understandable as it’s made for thick bread.

As this Dualit 46202 4 Slot Lite Toaster review has shown, this product isn’t perfect, but if you’re after quality and durability then you can’t go wrong here as it definitely delivers.