The Dualit 4 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster 40352 is a stylish toaster that uses the latest technology yet still remains easy to use. The design is stylish, and it is available in several different colours like red, yellow, blue, green, stainless steel and many more, and several useful features built in.

Dualit 4 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster 40352 Features

First of all the toaster has self adjusting 28 mm slots, which is wider than what you’d get with other toasters in this class. Second, it has a manual ejector system that works just right for toasting. In terms of appearance the Dualit is stainless steel, and as a four-slice model there’s no questioning the classically inspired look.

Going back to the slots, they’re not just self adjusting but also have support for the sandwich cage (available separately). This sandwich cage isn’t necessary but this Dualit 4 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster 40352 review can attest to the fact that it can be a useful addition. With the cage you can toast several kinds of sandwiches, crumpets and buns, although you can make the crumpets here minus the cage.

The toaster weighs 4.25 kg and with just a few basic controls, good for those who get confused with toasters that have complicated interfaces. Learning to use the machine is just as easy, with the red backlit slot selector lighting up to inform you if the Dualit 4 Slice Toaster is being used. You can also use this selector to set up to 4 slices, with the ProHeat ensuring everything is toasted uniformly. This is a proprietary feature and for it alone the unit is worth a look.

Dualit Toaster 40352 Pros

  • Toasts bread quickly
  • It can handle oddly shaped bread
  • Easy to use
  • Retro look yet fully functional

Dualit Toaster 40352 Cons

  • Has trouble handling very thick bread
  • The timer could have been better built

Customer Reviews

The reviews for the Dualit Toaster 40352 are mostly positive, with the majority happy with the toasting results. Another reviewer expressed satisfaction with the classic design of the toaster and how easy it is to clean up. The central ejector knob has also earned praise from a number of reviewers because it allows you to keep the slice in the toaster so it remains warm.

Not all reviews have been positive though, with some customers expressing dissatisfaction with the design. A few of them have also commented that the Dualit toaster 4 slice stainless steel is too simple and should have a few more functions built in.


Taking everything into consideration, the Dualit 4 does what it’s supposed to do. It isn’t the flashiest or most feature laden toaster, but it works fine. If all you want is a kitchen appliance that can toast, there’s no need to buy an expensive product with features you’re not going to use. If you’re after simplicity, ease of use and reliability, this will serve your needs perfectly.