The Dualit Architect 4-Slot Toaster has captivated a lot of customers owing to its stylish design, and while the sleek design is certainly eye catching, there’s more to it than that, as several useful and practical features have been added to increase its functionality and versatility.

Dualit Architect Features

The Architect has been designed with top quality commercial grade elements, meaning this toaster can handle the rigors of commercial kitchen use. Even if you use the Architect every day, it isn’t going to break down due to wear and tear. Aside from being built for heavy duty use, it has a peep and pop function, allowing you to look into bread as it is being toasted.

The Peep and Pop feature is something you’ll only find in Dualit products, and it’s really nice to be able to see your bread as it is being toasted slowly. When it comes to results, the Architect does not disappoint as bread is toasted evenly, smoothly and without burning. This is in contrast with other fancy toasters that lack power. The Architect doesn’t look too powerful but make no mistake about it, this is capable of delivering toasted bread just the way it’s meant to be.

The Architect has justifiably been getting a lot of notice concerning its design, and it’s certainly unique. The most conspicuous feature of the Dualit Architect Toaster is the geometric lines are harmoniously set, and you can get custom color side panels to truly make it your own. This is a very interesting feature and perfect for those who want a customized toaster.

The Architect also has extra wide slots, and it has defrost function built in, a handy feature so you don’t have to toast bread that’s been frozen. If you have ever tried to toast frozen bread, you know the taste is unacceptable, so this feature is very convenient. In addition, there’s a bun warming and bagel feature too. With it you can choose to crisp just the interior of your buns or bagel, underscoring the Architect’s efficiency.

While the Architect has several features, ease of use hasn’t been compromised, as anyone can figure out the controls in no time. It makes the process of toasting easy, but it’s also very efficient and safe. As you make toast, the control knobs turn blue, and there’s a click when you turn the control so there’s no risk of accidentally changing the settings.

The Architect isn’t just easy to use, but it is easy to clean as well. Unlike other toasters, there is no need to worry about crumbs getting stuck inside the unit. Your fingerprints might become conspicuous after prolonged use, but a quick clean up should remove all traces of it quickly.

Dualit Architect Pros

  • Colored side panels may be purchased to add customization
  • Commercial grade design
  • The manual is clear and easy to follow
  • Hand built and durable
  • The large slots are perfect for chunky bread
  • Stylish
  • Has several functions not found in other toasters

Dualit Architect Cons

  • The numerous functions might be confusing at first
  • A bit expensive

Customer Reviews

As this Dualit Architect 4 slot toaster review shows, there are a lot of useful and interesting features here, and it’s something that a lot of reviewers share. One reviewer, Tim from Milwaukee, wrote that the Architect is indeed built for heavy duty use as he’s never had a problem with it in spite of continuous use. The same sentiment was shared by Jared of Illinois who said that it’s the most reliable toaster he’s had.

Other reviewers have remarked how useful the extra wide slots are, and as can be expected a lot of them are having fun with the interchangeable panels, as it allows them to mix and match designs and colors.


The Architect has managed to bridge the gap between style and substance, something that other toasters have had difficulty with. The interchangeable panels provide you with all the customization you could want, although the default chrome with gray trim doesn’t look too bad at all. However, there’s more to the Architect than just fancy looks as it is fully functional.

The list of functions and features has already been discussed above, so there’s no need to go over them again in depth. It should suffice to say that this is more than just a simple toaster. It can toast no question, and the wide slots are very convenient. In addition, functions like defrost and warming add value to your money. In short, the Architect is a superb toaster with a lot of useful and practical functions built in, and it’s easy to use.